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Drum beats are waiting

Well I went on a quest a few months back to replace a bunch of software I was using with open source versions that would accomplish what I needed without having to sacrifice too much in the way of features, ease of use, etc. Mainly I wanted to do this to see what kind of results could be accomplished with little to no money invested for software/hardware. Full disclosure: I am starting with a Line6 TonePort KB37 Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Keyboard hardware interface. This is a great piece of hardware that I’ve had for a long time that is a great all in one box. You can find this on eBay I’m sure or buy the new version for between $150-300. I also will be using my black 80’s BC Rich Mockingbird guitar and Peavy 5 String Grind Bass. So the title said “beats are waiting” what the fuck am I talking about you ask? Well…  Continue reading Drum beats are waiting