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Having fun creating shirt designs for GSP

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun getting a bunch of t-shirt designs together for I’ve been resurrecting some old designs and creating all new ones. I’m very excited about the ability to do one offs that are quality with today’s DTG printers. I invite you to check out some of my prints below with some “how I did them” info and some obligatory general ramblings.  Continue reading Having fun creating shirt designs for GSP

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I have many side projects besides what most people know of. Your average fan of Mortician is aware that I was in Malignancy for quite a while and even some know that I am KOM2 of Prosthetic Cunt (have I mentioned that ever? Well there it is.) Every once in a while I bug out and just write an entire album’s worth of material in a particular genre. Then I’d make a copy for my buddies Danny Nelson, Sam Inzerra and maybe Will Rahmer too if it’s something he’d be into. Then usually that’s it. That was the case with Primitive Brutality for years only Danny and Will had a copy of it and maybe a few random friends had dub tapes of a song or two. So what the fuck does it all mean… Continue reading Attack!

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Well it’s been down since I moved servers and haven’t had the time to get to the upgrade of the site. I still don’t have any time but I figured I’d at least get something up for now using DNN 6.2. Of course I know that DNN 7 came out yesterday so not sure how much CSS, skin editing, etc. I will have to do again. I hear many things are changing on the skin. I have a test site up but have not had time to really look at it. It was either get PxCx up or check out DNN 7 close up. I chose PxCx. I miss them.

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Mortician, Malignancy and Primitive Recordings Websites Up Again

After a few month break in the “web” action,, and are up and running again. All three sites are running on the latest of everything as of today. Mortician and Malignancy are now part of but I still have to complete the integration. More on that later. For now… dig! and buy something!

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For quite a while I’ve owned “”. I haven’t had the time to develop this site until recently and hope to finally turn this into something cool. My goal is to make a community that could provide a place for metalheads to find bands, clubs, fans, etc. and buy music and merch direct from the bands in a centralized marketplace. This along with a hefty magazine section I think could provide a cool service for the scene. Continue reading