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For quite a while I’ve owned “”. I haven’t had the time to develop this site until recently and hope to finally turn this into something cool. My goal is to make a community that could provide a place for metalheads to find bands, clubs, fans, etc. and buy music and merch direct from the bands in a centralized marketplace. This along with a hefty magazine section I think could provide a cool service for the scene.

“Sounds great yo, but we already have Facebook douche!”

I hear you, but aren’t you tired of fucking people harassing you with farmtown requests and whatnot? Also I think it might not be a bad idea to separate some of our metal lifestyle from the family stuff. No one wants to explain what the picture of the nun shitting on a bagel picture on their wall means to their grandmother. Plus there’s really no easy way for a band to sell their merch on there and have it all easily searchable in a centralized marketplace.

Alright fuck all of you, I’m doing it anyway. So who’s with me? Ok, I’ll start it, you all let me know if you want to help. Anyone interested in working with me on this project can get in touch through this web site.


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  1. Kool idea, Roger. I prefer to keep my death metal love a secret to most people because I feel like people think you’re crazy if you like it or listen to it and they don’t understand it. They always mimic the vocals like a joke (not yours or Wills, just in general). Nobody gets the music. Hell, not sure I do, but I enjoy it and also appreciate the time and musicianship that goes into it.

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