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I’m on Vimeo

I’ve had a vimeo account for a while and have been posting some private videos so I can watch them on the LED big screen in the house and I’ve been posting a few public vids as well. Here’s a link to my vimeo account. Friend me or whatever the fuck you do there.  If anyone lives in the Hudson Valley area and feels like working in film get in touch. I’ve been jotting down a bunch of movie ideas I’ve come up with over the last few years and would like to at some point start developing them. I really like the idea of Kickstarter. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Kickstarter is a website service that allows you to raise funds for a project by offering some goodies to people who invest and support you. That’s the nutshell version of it, go there and check it out.

If your interested, my current video gear is primarily a Panasonic GH2 DSLR Camera. I’ve got a Sony HD camera also, but will be phasing this camera out. For sound I have a Tascam D-40 Digital Recorder and some pretty decent mikes. I’ve got some decent lights and a few other goodies, filters, reflectors, wires, cases, etc. Slowly but surely I’ve been building a little arsenal for a low budget film.

Time will tell what I’ll produce, but check back here for the latest info.


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