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Here be links to the things that I do ūüėČ

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Primary Projects:

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Mortician is probably how most of you know me and has been a huge part of my career/ life as a musician. It is a horror glorifying death metal band that I am a part of since around 1989. We have slowed down in our later years and only play a gig or two here and there now. ¬†We’ve got one last release of material but we haven’t been able to get our shit together to get the thing recorded. Eventually we will. For now…

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Bits of Gore¬†has been restructured from the Instagram inspired microgrind project it originally was into a full band. BOG has now moved into the forefront of my music activities along with Primitive Brutality. There’s a free demo out and an EP that was limited to 100 copies and sold out as well as a couple shirts available now. I’ve met some great musicians out here in Las Vegas and will be bringing both bands out on the road in 2017.

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Primitive Brutality has actually been more of a main project than the previously¬†aforementioned considering I’ve been doing it longer than Mortician, Malignancy, and Bits of Gore. It only took me like a decade to release a bunch of crusty ancient demos but I did get them out as well as a newer release with even older stuff. PB is a one man band currently but eventually it would be nice to find a few musicians that would put up with my nonsense and back me up ūüėČ There’s plenty of free material to listen to out there on my channels and what not.

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Malignancy was the second largest part of my life as a musician and a project that I miss to this day. I started on drums decades ago in the early years of the band and recorded several releases with them that represent a very fun part of my life. More recently I played a little session bass for them on “Eugenics” and had a little fun travelling around playing gigs supporting the release until my girl had serious health issues that I needed to be there for and they recruited a new bass player. I love my bro’s in the band and we are all still good friends to this day.

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Primitive Recordings is a record label and mail order company I own that¬†specializes in underground releases of death metal, black metal, thrash and more. It is my bread and butter and how I manage to put food on the table. When you support the site you are supporting my dumb ass as well as the great bands’ merch that I carry. “You have my gratitude”…

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I got my start in the printing business at the very young age of around 13. I always enjoyed doing¬†creative things growing up but was completely fascinated with screen printing when I first learned of it. I’ve owned the URL for GSP for a very long time and have recently decided to get back in the game now that DTG printing is becoming affordable. Maybe we’ll throw a little traditional screen printing in the mix eventually as well. I’ve also decided to sell printed designs this time around here.

Click above to visit is my successor to which never got off the ground. I hit many brick walls as one usually does when developing a site that required more time than I had to overcome so TMS was shelved. It has since been reborn as much less of a mouthful and built on more common technology that hopefully will allow me to finally provide a platform for metal bands to have their own little social network that isn’t filled with weird mainstream crap/ads and a marketplace that lets us all easily sell our junk easily.¬†This site is in a closed beta and I have hopes of finally sorting out the last of the issues and letting some peeps in. Anyone interested in helping out the site let me know ūüėČ

Occasional Projects:

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What can I say? I claim no responsibility for the actions of KOM2 and LSC-25. Don’t look at me that way! I don’t have to say shit.

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In my never ending quest to shoot myself in the foot when naming things I created Witless Fucktards when this dude on YouTube called me “unfunny” and “childish” when disapproving of one of my Death Metal Christmas Parodies. I was deeply insulted and didn’t understand his need to even interact with me if he didn’t like what I was doing. So I made this band at him. It is a deviation from my usual death metal nonsense and leans more towards the crossover metal sound of my youth. I actually discovered that I can sort of sing that style when doing this project. “I don’t approve” was the first time I uttered that kind of vocal style. I’m a feet first kinda guy… and a tremendous douche… that should totally be ignored… shame on you for even reading this far… Point!

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First off, I am merely the vessel through which the computations of the are presented ūüėČ GB is a 100% digital death metal grind project and was perhaps the first metal project to use not only¬†software to create the music but the vocals as well. The vocals were through Fruity Loops’ speech synth paired with a pitch shifter. The results were fun and the was born. This is one of those projects that I really wish I had more time to spend on. One day the GB will complete its final computations and we will all certainly rue the day.

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WompRat is a really fun project that I do with my good buddy Matt Bishop, a fellow long time veteran of the metal scene. We hadn’t talked in years and ironically enough we both became entangled in the nonsense of someone in the scene that is a complete psychopath and started talking when we both had our “what the hell was that?” moment with the guy. Anywho… Matt and I love Star Wars. We’re OG fans of the OTC. We’re both metal musicians. Well… what the hell do you think we did? We started a SW death metal project. Matt provided the drum programming, I laid down the rhythms. then bounced it back to him for vocals and final mix. It’s been a blast and eventually we’ll get a release out instead of hoarding the songs to ourselves ūüėČ Check out the preview tracks on bandcamp.

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Another thing that I do is “deathmetalize” classic songs for fun. One of the¬†sorta popular things I did was a cover of “Deck the Hall” that I released on YouTube. The video got a bit of play and shared by some respectable people and every year gets a bunch of hits. I’m glad to have made something for metal peeps to enjoy that time of year and share with their friends. I’ve tried to do one every year or so for the past few years and they are now up on bandcamp. Enjoy.

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Gore Project is another in a long string of little death/grind side projects of mine that I put out when having a moment. It’s basically a Mortician and Primitive Brutality sorta mix. There’s a few songs on bandcamp and I’ve got another bunch with no vocals. I really wanted to produce a visual element to accompany these songs and have put the project on hold until time, equipment, and funds permit.

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This one was a total goof one off that I did that gets its origins from a Facebook comment thread that got out of control. Feel free to follow the link above if you dare to learn of the stupidity.

DeathMetalTV-250wI’ve owned this domain for a long time and unfortunately currently it is the same situation as a bunch of my other projects… waiting for me to be able to devote more time to it. I have a bunch of footage and have plenty of friends in the scene that would be more than happy I’m sure to contribute footage as well it’s just that this is one of those that I can’t even start without getting some of my other projects off the ground first. For now it sits on a back burner.


It is what it is.