For my serious Footage and other media that is actually for sale you can check out my pond5 page here:

I haven't put much up there recently but there's a bunch of stuff from when I lived in NY. I for sure need to get out now that I'm living in Las Vegas and get some prime footage!
There’s some new footage up there recently and I’m trying to add footage a few times a year.  

Now,  for all that other crap…


YTI’m an idiot. Sometimes it is captured on video. Boo. All my junk is on YouTube here. Below are some playlists you can check out.

All the music from this junk is available on my record label’s bandcamp page here.

Semi-traditionally I do death metal Christmas parodies, It pleases me. Here’s all the one’s I’ve done to date.

Primitive Brutality is my primary music project these days. It is a one man project currently that I’ve been doing since 1989.

Speaking of one-man-band projects here’s a set of tutorials that I did a bit back on the basics of setting up a drum sequencer, samples, and getting a “death metal guitar sound”. One day I will finish these and this text will be deleted… so enjoy this sentence while you can 😉

Ahh, yes. No list of things about me is complete without mention of Mortician right? Well here you go. Here’s all the stuff we’ve released on YouTube officially to date.

Christmas songs aren’t the only thing I parody. I am a bit of a Star Wars fan and every decade or so I find myself locked into recording something usually very fun.

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