Music Industry Resume

Besides my main projects I’ve been lucky enough to work with many awesome people in the metal scene whether it be doing backing vocals, mastering, producing, layout, etc. Wanna work with me? Check out this page.

“I’ve been sticking my finger in music and messing it up since the 80’s” -RJB

Below is a semi-complete (is that a thing?) list of projectsĀ I’ve been involved in. If I’ve worked with you and have forgotten you on this list then that means I hate you and you should die. No, seriously get in touch with me and remind my dumb ass what we did and when and I’ll gladly add the credit šŸ˜›


2004 Dead as Fuck – Live in 91+93 (Live album) Remastering (as “Roger Beaujard”)

Bestial Devastation

2005 Wish You Died Here / Laceration of the Unborn(Split) Layout

Bits of Gore

2013 Forgotten Cemetery 15 sec video All
2016 Backyard Tomb – 2-Song Demo All
2016 Unholy Sister – Single All

Black Mass

2003 Voices of Fate Mastering, Engineering, Producer
2005 Conquering Legions of Astaroth Mastering, Engineering, Producer

Burn Victim

2005 Baptized in Gasoline Mastering

Cropsy Maniac

2014 Shear Terror (EP) Vocals (Track 4)

Death Metal Christmas Parodies

2014 Death Metal Christmas ParodiesĀ (Ongoing Compilation) All


2003 Goddess of Death (Compilation) Mastering

Dr. Shrinker

2004 Grotesque Wedlock (Compilation) Remastering


2005 Bring the Suffering (Compilation) Mastering (as “Roger Beaujard”)

Eternal Suffering

2010 The Echo of Lost Words (EP) Recording, Mixing


2015 Throes of Lament (EP) Vocals (additional) (track 8)


1997 Destined for Defilement Layout
2002 Live in Germany (Live album) Layout
2003 Murder Without End Layout

Gore Project

2009 4 Song Demo All

ProgramĀ Interpreter

2005 Object Oriented (Demo) Programming
2006 nonsense.covers Programming
2014 Object OrientedĀ Full Length Limited to 100 Digipak Programming

Head Trauma

2003 Psychotic Episode Executive Producter


2008 Blasphemous Cremation (EP) Remastering (as “Roger Beaujard”)


2005 Baptized in Unholy Gore (Compilation) Mastering


2003 Finger Food Fetish for the Morbidly Abnormal Mastering (as “Roger Beaujard”)


2005 Breeding Salvation Executive producer (as “Roger Beaujard”)


1999 Intrauterine Cannibalism Layout, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2000 Motivated by Hunger (EP) Engineering, Mastering, Cover art
2002 Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass / Fraility of the Human Condition (Split) Engineering, Mastering
2003 Cross Species Transmutation (EP) Layout


Drums (1996-2003), Bass (2009-2013)

1996 Rehearsal Demo (Demo) Drums
1997 Ignorance Is Bliss (Demo) Drums, Producer
1999 Intrauterine Cannibalism Drums
2000 Motivated by Hunger (EP) Drums
2002 Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass / Frailty of the Human Condition (Split) Drums
2003 Cross Species Transmutation (EP) Drums
2012 Eugenics Bass

Metalfest Magazine

1990’s-2000’s Several issues throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Editor in Chief, Graphic Layout

Mortal MassaCar

2014 The Maybach Murders Single All


1991 Mortal Massacre (EP) Engineering, Producer
1994 House by the Cemetery (EP) Producer
1996 Hacked Up for Barbecue Engineering (assistant)
1998 Zombie Apocalypse (EP) Recording, Engineering
2001 Domain of Death Engineering, Producer (as “Roger Beaujard”)
2002 The Final Bloodbath Session Engineering, Executive Producer
2003 Darkest Day of Horror Engineering, Producer
2004 Re-Animated Dead Flesh Engineering, Producer


Guitars (1990-present), Drum programming (1992-present), Drums (live) (1995, 2001-2002)

1991 Mortal Massacre (EP) Guitars
1994 House by the Cemetery (EP) Guitars, Drum programming
1995 House by the Cemetery (EP) Guitars, Drum programming
1996 Hacked Up for Barbecue Guitars, Drum programming
1997 Zombie Apocalypse (Single) Guitars, Drum programming
1998 Zombie Apocalypse (EP) Guitars, Drum programming
1999 Chainsaw Dismemberment Guitars, Drum programming
2001 Domain of Death Guitars, Drum programming
2002 Darkest Day of Horror Tour Edition (Demo) Guitars, Drum programming
2002 The Final Bloodbath Session Guitars, Drums, Bass
2003 Darkest Day of Horror Guitars, Drum programming
2003 Living… / …Dead (Split) Drums (as “Roger Beaujard”)
2004 Zombie Massacre Live (Live album) Drums, Drums
2004 Re-Animated Dead Flesh Guitars, Drum programming
2005 Relapse Singles Series Vol. 5 (Split) Drum programming, Guitars

Primitive Brutality

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming

Alterations Tape Demo 1989
Primitive Brutality Tape Demo 1991
Burned Away Tape Demo 1992
Spoils Tape Demo 1994
Defiled Tape Demo 1995
Xenomorph CDR Demo 1999
Ten Years CompilationĀ CD 2002
Primal Agenda Limited to 50 CDR Demo 2013
Ten Years Limited to 100 Re-Issue Digipak 2014
Time Displacement Limited to 500 Compilation Digipak 2014
Giger Single 2014
2014 Unfinished Songs bandcamp Exclusive 2014

Old Man Dog Neck

2004 The Maniac Farm Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

Putrid Pile

2003 Collection of Butchery Layout


2005 Disembodied (Compilation) Mixing (as “Roger Beaujard”)

Screaming Afterbirth

2002 Puke Pile Layout

Severed Head

2004 Fuck Your Bullshit Remastering, Executive Producer

Splattered Cadaver

2001 Merciless Butchery Vocals (backing) (tracks 3, 4)

Witless Fucktards

2015 I Don’t Approve All


2014 Demo Songs 2014 Guitars, Bass

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff man! Holy crap. It was pretty cool to put this listĀ togetherĀ and remember some of the projects I’ve been a part of. I’m very proud, very lucky, and very something else because these things are much better in three’s šŸ˜‰

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