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Ramblings of an “underground musician” Part 2

Last time I was babbling at you about “the scene” I emphasized the camaraderie among metalheads as being one of the highlights of being a part of it and that belief was once again validated this past weekend at the Las Vegas Deathfest 10. It’s hard not to have fun at a metalfest and it’s almost impossible not to make memories at one in Las Vegas, America’s playground. Most fests suffer from having to shut down early, nothing to do in town, and almost all give you the boot right away with nothing else open near the club. Not in Vegas. You can start your party at 3AM.  Continue reading Ramblings of an “underground musician” Part 2

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Dee Snider and the School of Rock

So I met Dee Snider today. Totally down to earth nice guy. My girl’s daughter goes to the School of Rock here in Las Vegas and Dee’s doing a song with a few of the students at Vegas View Recording in Henderson for his upcoming solo record. She got to record on a track doing backups with Dee and it was produced by Grammy and Oscar award winning producer/musician Damon Ranger. Both guys were gentlemen, a bunch of fun, and did just great with the kids.  Continue reading Dee Snider and the School of Rock