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Having fun creating shirt designs for GSP

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun getting a bunch of t-shirt designs together for I’ve been resurrecting some old designs and creating all new ones. I’m very excited about the ability to do one offs that are quality with today’s DTG printers. I invite you to check out some of my prints below with some “how I did them” info and some obligatory general ramblings.  Continue reading Having fun creating shirt designs for GSP

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Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

I used to get all worked up over politics with my neighbor Tony. We would have long debates about what I think is wrong with the country. He is a die hard Catholic Republican with strong leanings to the right and church. Me on the other hand, I’m anAtheist who considers myself in the middle. I lean a little left on civil liberties (more on this misconception later) and I lean a little right on things like smaller federal government. It really always depends on the issue to me, I don’t give a shit about supporting a political “team”. This concept actually is alien to me.  Continue reading Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney