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Journey Back East March 2016 Part 2

After a very long 48 hours travelling from Las Vegas via plane to JFK in New York, to Grand Central by shuttle buss, to Tuckahoe by train, to Yonkers on foot, and finally to Mt Pocono in Pennsylvania by van I was ready for a good night’s sleep! I grabbed a few things from town to get me through the morning like coffee and some chow and I colapsed in my bed for a few hours… only to be awoken really early by the septic guy that was coming that day who was about an hour early. Yay me. A nightmare start to what would turn into an extended stay and two dumpsters worth of crap being disposed of.  Continue reading Journey Back East March 2016 Part 2

Journey Back East March 2016 Part 1

I’ve owned a nice little house in the Poconos back in Pennsylvania since around 1998. It’s a 5 bedroom mother daughter layout house, a little under 2000 sq ft, tucked away on a 3/4 acre lot in Mt. Pocono. I had been renting the downstairs half of the house to an old couple that just sat around drinking all day collecting whatever they collected from whatever. I booted them after a bunch of late, light payments a few years ago. The house sat empty for years until I went there last year (2015) to grab a few things and pit stop on the way to Las Vegas. I was appalled at the disgusting mess my tenants left and knew I’d eventually have to deal with it. It has now been one year almost exactly and time to return, clear it out and try to liquidate the property.  Continue reading Journey Back East March 2016 Part 1