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Journey Back East March 2016 Part 1

I’ve owned a nice little house in the Poconos back in Pennsylvania since around 1998. It’s a 5 bedroom mother daughter layout house, a little under 2000 sq ft, tucked away on a 3/4 acre lot in Mt. Pocono. I had been renting the downstairs half of the house to an old couple that just sat around drinking all day collecting whatever they collected from whatever. I booted them after a bunch of late, light payments a few years ago. The house sat empty for years until I went there last year (2015) to grab a few things and pit stop on the way to Las Vegas. I was appalled at the disgusting mess my tenants left and knew I’d eventually have to deal with it. It has now been one year almost exactly and time to return, clear it out and try to liquidate the property.  Continue reading Journey Back East March 2016 Part 1

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Mortician imagery ripped off again but with a twist this time…

This. This is what it all comes down to. You work hard in a rewardless scene for decades making little to no money, bootlegged to no end, copied and poorly replicated by many for it to come down to this. I can handle all of that. It’s the nature of “influence” in the music scene, we play what we like and listen to. But THIS is friggin’ horseshit. Fashion company Avalone premiered their new  Fall/Winter Collection of Dark sportswear inspired by ’90s death metal bands. Anyone notice any similarities here? Pricks…  Continue reading Mortician imagery ripped off again but with a twist this time…

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Mortician, Malignancy and Primitive Recordings Websites Up Again

After a few month break in the “web” action,, and are up and running again. All three sites are running on the latest of everything as of today. Mortician and Malignancy are now part of but I still have to complete the integration. More on that later. For now… dig! and buy something!