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Robotron 2084

In 1982 Williams Electronics, Inc. changed my world of video games forever. It was only a couple of short years after Pac-Man (1980) made the “more than 2 directional” joystick famous that Robotron introduced the first widely accepted 2-joystick game, one for movement and one for fire. Now I’m sure many of you are screaming at me that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that there were tons of games with joysticks before Pac-Man and other games preceding Robotron with two joysticks. Before you yell at me, calm down take a chill. I am aware of this. I am speaking about the Video Game world at large back in the early 1980s. The average person who played these games was not a game researcher with Google at their side, they were casual players that had fun playing the games. So, that said don’t bust my chops about details, I’m trying to convey an experience.  Continue reading Robotron 2084