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First Release:  Ver. 0.1 – May 18, 2019
Latest Release: Ver. 0.5  – May 19, 2019
Game Engine
: Godot
Downloads: Win64 Version | Mac Version | Linux Version | Web Version (best in Firefox)
Description: I ever tell you I hate the expression “Roger Dodger”? It’s like every guy that calls you that thinks he’s the first. They’re often the same guy too if you know what I mean 😛 Anyway, play as the lovely Marissa in this game and avoid the Rogers! See how long you will last. Beat the game if you can last 200 seconds but it gets crazy around Level 7! This is the first game I made with the Godot Engine from MIT and I gotta say I dig this game engine! It’s simple, you have your choice of languages, and a cool nested hierarchy format that acts like classes in OOP. This project is based on the “Build your first game” section of the manual along with some additions I did on my own (high score, levels, increased difficulty, etc.) to see if I felt comfortable doing stuff without following a guide and I tell ya, I did just fine and felt at home. I’m just getting my feet wet with this engine and hope to make some cool things with it in my spare time. In a nutshell, I think I like Godot and recommend it if you’d like to check out a free game engine with awesome 2d tools as well as 3d tools. You too can make a game like this is an afternoon or two.

NOTE: If the game doesn’t start right away give it a second, Godot is still a little wonky in browsers. Works best in Firefox, forget you Safari. IOS and Android versions soon 😛

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