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The Leonids!

9:08 PM EST It’s that time of year again. November 17th is the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower. This one is always good and for 2012 we’ve got dark skies. This year I’m still in Highland, NY, right across the Hudson river from Poukeepsie, so I’ll have a bit of light pollution. You can see the weird stuff in the skies post from a week ago or so to see what kind of night light I deal with. I’ll try to get a few pics tonight using the Panasonic GH2 of course and I’ll use the 20mm 2.5 pancake lens at about 40 seconds. I will update this post as the night goes on. Continue reading The Leonids!

Able to literally see alien life within 40 years?

According to Lord Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society, with the advancements in technology at the current rates, it is not unreasonable that we will be able to litterally see alien worlds close up in the not too distant future. According to the astronomer by as early as 2025 he suspects the human race will have the ability to view planets close up outside our solar system and that if there is life we might just be able to detect it.  Continue reading Able to literally see alien life within 40 years?

Apophis is coming

The Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ scientists have recalculated the path of Apophis, a large asteroid that will have a close flyby in 2029 to Earth. This new refined data now shows a “significantly low likelihood” of a hazardous encounter with Earth. Statements released went on to include “The exact path Apophis follows on its flyby in 2029 will determine whether it smashes into Earth seven years later.”  Continue reading Apophis is coming