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Error Correction is in Everything

Dr. S. James Gates, Jr., a theoretical physicist working on string theory equations, is reporting that certain string theory, super-symmetrical  equations, which describe the fundamental nature of the Universe and reality, contain embedded computer codes. These codes are digital data in the form of 1′s and 0′s. Not only that, these codes are the same as what make web browsers work and are error-correction codes! Gates says, “We have no idea what these ‘things’ are doing there”. 

So to put this in simple terms, it looks like the Universe has code to ensure that it behaves the way it’s supposed to. So I guess water to wine ain’t happening. I’m liking this idea more and more of a Universe that is a simulation based on codes/rules. This combined with recent research suggesting that our brains behave more like receptors “tuning” in to consciousness suggest that we are in fact living some sort of Matrix type of existence. I like this because this means we can all achieve a “Neo” status in life. That, or the entity that wrote the program is going to turn it off and have some steak and we are all going to just blink out of existence. Would we even be able to care? What should you  take out of this? Maybe you should have a steak tonight. Rare. I know I am, it’s marinating now… if it all really exists.


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