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Primitive Podcast

Well I finally decided to record myself rambling on about the old days, played some old tunes, and called it a podcast!

I did about an hour long podcast yesterday that I hope to do weekly or so where I covered the early days of my record label Primitive Recordings and played some Mortician stuff, Primitive Brutality, Malignancy, and ProstheticCunt. If you’re interested in listening to a middle aged moron talk about nonsense noises made over 20 years ago then this is the podcast for you 😛

If you have a minute check it out. Pass it along to anyone you think might dig it. You can download and keep the podcast free with all the songs I play intact. It’s in mp3 format at 320k bitrate for nice high quality. That way you can clearly hear how shitty some of the old recordings are 😛 OK, not ending this paragraph with an emoji like the last one.

Thanks for any support on this as always. Have an interesting day!


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