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Star Wars Episode IV “A New Hope”

Well, what can I say. I saw Star Wars when it first came out in the theaters in 1977. I actually was one of the few people who was aware of this film coming out. I used to read Starlog and magazines like that as all good little nerds do. I also used to go down to NYC with my mom every once in a while and we found several B&W promo photos for sale on the street, no doubt bootleg.  I still have these somewhere and will post a scan when I get around to it. Anyway, Star Wars always will hold a special place in my heart like with most people my age. It was the first no bullshit “that looks real” sci-fi movie. The fact that people even give a shit now about this movie is a testament to how ahead of it’s time it was in terms of film making. So, I’m looking to keep these short and sweet, so… it’s Star Wars, it’s probably always going to be either my favorite film or in the top 3 always.


  • 95%
    Production - 95%
  • 100%
    Story - 100%
  • 85%
    Acting - 85%
  • 95%
    Pacing - 95%
  • 99%
    Ending - 99%


Overall being completely honest as much as I love Star Wars ANH there’s something to be desired as far as acting performances and the production has a few flubs keeping it from a perfect 10.

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