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Lucky” is a killer (pun intended) little black comedy that I enjoyed quite a bit. I knew nothing about this movie going into it, which I like. Too many trailers ruin the movie, often giving away too much and sometimes even the end!  Anywho, “Lucky” stars Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks‘ son) as Ben Keller a quirky office worker who is obsessed with Lucy (Ari Graynor) his female blond neighbor whom he has been in love with since they were kids. This one is hard to review because I don’t want to give away the fun of the plot, but I will say that Ben wins $36mil. in the state lottery and is visibly upset by this. Why you ask? Well see Ben knows a little something about some missing blond girls from the neighborhood and doesn’t really welcome the attention of being a lottery winner.

Colin Hanks is great in this movie, he is going to be a solid character actor like his dad. Ari Graynor is hands down awesome in this. Colin’s character is what it is, but what a journey Lucy takes in this flick. Funny women are rare (sorry ladies) and she is definitely funny. I like girls who can play crazy and she plays crazy very well. I look forward to seeing more from both these young actors.


  • 75%
    Production - 75%
  • 75%
    Story - 75%
  • 80%
    Acting - 80%
  • 80%
    Pacing - 80%
  • 90%
    Ending - 90%


Lucky is a really fun movie and impressive for one of Colin Hanks early efforts and a low budget film to boot.

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