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Dee Snider and the School of Rock

So I met Dee Snider today. Totally down to earth nice guy. My girl’s daughter goes to the School of Rock here in Las Vegas and Dee’s doing a song with a few of the students at Vegas View Recording in Henderson for his upcoming solo record. She got to record on a track doing backups with Dee and it was produced by Grammy and Oscar award winning producer/musician Damon Ranger. Both guys were gentlemen, a bunch of fun, and did just great with the kids. 

2016-02-29-17.46.59bThis is such great experience for Rhaina and I’m so glad there’s a place like the school of rock for kids that want to learn the basics of being in a band and gigging. The school is affiliated with a couple big names in the industry and the kids get some great opportunities including gigs at the House of Blues here in Vegas and recording opportunities like this one with Dee. Along with jamming experience the kids get one on one training and lessons from the SOR staff. The people running this thing are really enthusiastic and are a positive influence on the kids. If your children are remotely interested in performing and you live near one I highly urge you to pay them a visit.

I’m super proud of Rhaina for stepping up to a professional recording situation after only a month with the school and nailing it. She did great and earned her first pro credit… with award winning recording artists no less! Great job kiddo!

This “non-award” winning recording artist will be lending his video recording services to the school for Rhaina‘s upcoming gig in May at the House of Blues and I look forward to it. We’ll do a nice little shoot with a couple angles, take some sound off the board, and make the kids look all pro like. Should be a blast.



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