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The First Video Game Console

Growing up in the 70’s was probably the coolest time a person could grow up. My generation saw the beginning of all things that are cool. We are the last generation to truly be amazed by and appreciate technology. Kids today (do I sound old yet) take tech for granted. Nothing seems to amaze them anymore. A relatively inexpensive cell phone in your pocket that you can play games against kids half way around the world? Of course, anything less is stupid and old. Nothing amazing there just the standard these days. I can just barely remember the first time I saw a computer generated pixel fly across the screen and hit a user controlled line and bounce off. Holy shit, amazing. Before that it was pinball and more physical machine games. Everything starts somewhere and this article is about the first video game console for the home that could be hooked up to a TV…The Magnavox Odyssey! Continue reading The First Video Game Console