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Time is stupid.

Ugh! It’s been forever since I posted on my own site. Not even sure why I post in spurts here. Probably the same reason I have a half dozen musical projects in various stages of completion. There’s just too many things I’m interested in. I bet this is a common problem in today’s world. 

YouTube is evil. Let me back up. I am weak in the presence of YouTube and the internet in general and assume all responsibility for my actions. There. That’s a little more accurate. Can you really blame me or anyone else that can fall down a YouTube rabbit hole of discovery? Want to learn how to program? No problem. Some person will show you. Need to figure out how to repair something on your car? There’s a video of some guy doing just that. I personally love this part of the modern world.

Back in “the day” (oh, fuck here he goes) information wasn’t an easy point and click. It wasn’t even an easy stop at the video store for a rental of a “how to” video, that shit didn’t sell much, much less rent well. You had the library, mail away videos, someone directly showing you something, and figuring things out for yourself. Basically the same as today with one small change… that “someone show you” part. Now, everyone is your friend on YouTube that can show you “how to”. For information hounds and people basically dying to do, know, and try everything it’s truly amazing.

So, what’s this article about? Nothing as usual. I’m just babbling about why I haven’t been on here. I probably should share some more shit. There’s a whole bunch I have been doing like playing around with my new CNC machine to building a new multi-station workbench to getting Bits of Gore and Primitive Brutality into a live form. I will try to post more here, maybe take a break with Facebook or share the stuff from here on there. Blah, de, bler, de, blah, blah, bbbbthppppppppppssssss…


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