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Drum beats are waiting

Well I went on a quest a few months back to replace a bunch of software I was using with open source versions that would accomplish what I needed without having to sacrifice too much in the way of features, ease of use, etc. Mainly I wanted to do this to see what kind of results could be accomplished with little to no money invested for software/hardware. Full disclosure: I am starting with a Line6 TonePort KB37 Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Keyboard hardware interface. This is a great piece of hardware that I’ve had for a long time that is a great all in one box. You can find this on eBay I’m sure or buy the new version for between $150-300. I also will be using my black 80’s BC Rich Mockingbird guitar and Peavy 5 String Grind Bass. So the title said “beats are waiting” what the fuck am I talking about you ask? Well… 

Last week I was having brain overload from work and decided to flesh out a few beats with LMMS, Linux MultiMedia Studio. This is a great open source software package that I built a death metal grind drum kit in a few months back. I will at some point post a tutorial on how to find completely free quality sound samples and build a kit like this one. So bottom line… I composed 27 beats for a gore grind project I have in my head. The songs are short and very Mortician in their simplicity and length but not quite as straight forward as Mortician. I have really no idea what I’ll be doing with these, what lyrics I’ll write or when I’ll get around to writing some guitar for it, but like all my crap… eventually it will come out somewhere. Shit, I used to say that but I guess now I can say “it will come out here”. I promise to try to visit this site more often and keep things current and centralized.

UPDATE: I added a link to the rough mix of the drums so far for Song C. For bonus points download it and write your own guitar, bass and vocals and send me a copy and I’ll post them here!

For a first post in the music section I like it. I got a screen shot in and I rambled about quite a bit of nonsense. Smoke buds. See you next post.


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