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OK, I’m going to talk about “Prometheus” as if it has nothing to do with the “Alien” quadrilogy. Similar to how I feel about “Alien 3“, if this movie is looked at as a stand alone movie, it is pretty good.  I really think Ridely Scott dropped the ball on this one and didn’t give a shit about connecting the plot to the previous Alien movies. Again, I don’t want to bitch about what I don’t like that fucks up it’s connections because that will give away too much of the  plot. If you are a die hard Alien fan you will be annoyed. If you don’t care or can disconnect this movie from the others, you will enjoy this.

There’s a totally awesome “extraction” scene with Noomi Rapace that you’ll really enjoy. I want that med chamber!


  • 100%
    Production - 100%
  • 65%
    Story - 65%
  • 80%
    Acting - 80%
  • 80%
    Pacing - 80%
  • 80%
    Ending - 80%


Still like this movie but not how it fits in with the Alien franchise.

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