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Same old story

Well, I didn’t write a post yesterday, breaking my streak of 2 days in a row of posting but I did get the old posts from the old website back up here so that’s something.

I really have never been a “regular” consistent guy at anything besides my normal day to day ticks that keep me from going full-on “Falling Down” on everyone. Don’t get that reference? Shame on you!  While going through the old posts I realize that one thing is actually consistent in my life and that is in fact my inconsistency. Ironic isn’t it?

So what’s the point of this post? Does it need a point? I guess so. I guess the point is that some things never change… most things in fact don’t change. The basics that is. Sure there’s tons of technology and new things invented all the time that simplify life or make it more enjoyable but our basic nature is quite unaltered. Most people are still very selfish. Most people still look away from helping others. Most people blindly follow morons for the sake of the “team”. Most people are just robots that continue to consume and deposit waste on this wet rock of nonsense that’s tethered to ball of fire by an invisible force hurtling at incredulous speeds through the universe… whatever the hell that is.

Yeah, it’s all weird isn’t it? Kinda makes you wonder if anything matters? Perhaps everything matters. Perhaps our gratification through perception is all that life is. Maybe it’s our mere existence that should be marveled. Maybe that’s all there is. The beauty of the sky. The refreshing feeling from downing an ice water. The gaze of another person into your eyes as if to say “I understand and love you”. Perhaps that is all we have on this planet or any other should we venture out into the cosmos. Maybe if we all stopped looking for what would make us happy we’d realize we already have everything we need. Don’t believe me? Well, I’m not going to waste time trying to convince you… I’m going to walk outside and look at the sky while taking a very blank-minded deep breath and be thankful simply for my existence on this weird wet rock.

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1 thought on “Same old story

  1. Pretty profound, dude. I’m the same. I’m different from everyone else and you seem to be, too. Different in the way that we’re not fuckin’ idiots LOL. People from my generation and younger seriously amaze me. I’m scared to see these little bastards end up as presidents and things like that. Of course not all of them are morons, but EASILY most it seems. The damn mainstream don’t help with movies with sex and drugs constantly and rap music about selling drugs constantly. But whatever.

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