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This is why I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s many reasons we moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2015 from Highland, NY. Besides the obvious allure of the casino scene this is the first winter EVER that I didn’t need a winter coat much less a shovel! My back thanks me not to mention I wouldn’t be able to shovel anyway after that jerk smashed into us at a red light last year. My shoveling days are thankfully involuntarily behind me.  Continue reading This is why I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada

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Same old story

Well, I didn’t write a post yesterday, breaking my streak of 2 days in a row of posting but I did get the old posts from the old website back up here so that’s something.

I really have never been a “regular” consistent guy at anything besides my normal day to day ticks that keep me from going full-on “Falling Down” on everyone. Don’t get that reference? Shame on you!  While going through the old posts I realize that one thing is actually consistent in my life and that is in fact my inconsistency. Ironic isn’t it? Continue reading Same old story

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You know…

Two posts in one day. Crazy.

I am getting a little sick of Facebook. I think I’m going to start writing more stuff here instead.

Not that I feel like Facebook is spying on me but Facebook is spying on me 😉 I’m just a little sick of so many targeted ads instead of things about my friends. Ads about things I own already. Ads about something I googled for someone else five minutes ago. Ads for my own products… that I didn’t even pay for?!?! Continue reading You know…